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Staff Contacts

*Our Marquee Board and social media platforms at Birmingham Crossplex are dedicated to promoting the City of Birmingham and CrossPlex events. Content and announcements shared here are meant solely for the City of Birmingham and CrossPlex related activities. *

CrossPlex Contact Information
2340 CrossPlex Blvd Birmingham Alabama 35208

Key Staff Contacts

Acting Director
Alicia Johnson-Williams
[email protected]

Acting Senior Deputy Director
Michael Moore
[email protected]

Deputy Director for Venues & Operations
Christy Mixon
[email protected]

Deputy Director for Events & Aquatics Manager
Murray Lewis
[email protected]

Senior Event Manager for Bill Harris Arena & Shield's Conference Center
Taura Cobb
[email protected]


Business Officer
Calvin Bowman
[email protected]

Sports Event Manager for Track & Volleyball Arena
Joel Simmons
[email protected]