Exhibitor Info

Exhibitor Info

Rules and Regulations

General Rules:

  • The Birmingham CrossPlex is a non-smoking facility.
  • Runners are not allowed to run outside of CrossPlex perimeter.
  • Restricted areas are clearly marked throughout facility.
  • No one is allowed access to restricted areas without written approval of facility management.
  • Children must be attended by an adult at all times and are strictly prohibited from playing in areas not designated for such purposes. Forbidden areas include, but are not limited to, warm-up track, hallways, restrooms and elevator.
  • No food or drink will be allowed on track floor, warm-up area or pool deck without consent of CrossPlex Management.
  • No spectator folding chairs will be allowed inside the building (per order of State Fire Marshall)
  • No athlete bags will be left on the event floor during track and field events


  • Clients may not nail, staple, tape, hang or attach anything to the walls, ceilings, fixtures or floors.
  • Stickers, glitter and confetti are not permitted in the facilities. Adhesive backed decals and stickers may not be given out inside or outside the CrossPlex by any client, exhibitor or individual.
  • Event signage opportunities are offered during the contracted timeframe (term) of the event and must be within the leased area of the facility.

Signage Regulations:

  • All signs and banners should be assembled and ready to be placed.
  • Delivery and return of signage to be coordinated with CrossPlex Event Management.
  • All signage must be approved by CrossPlex Management. The CrossPlex reserves the right to refuse to hang any signs and banners deemed unsafe or inappropriate.
  • No external signage will be allowed without prior approval from CrossPlex.
  • All signs and banners will be hung by CrossPlex personnel.